How this restaurant amazed us, even after we paid and left.

Inspiring Customer Experience Examples #1 - Weekly case studies on inspiring customer experiences to draw inspiration from.

How this restaurant amazed us, even after we paid and left.

At ‘Suka’ — a local restaurant — everyone gets a free cold bottle of water with their meal.

After breakfast, my friend and I left with the second bottle still full on the table.

‘They must go through 150 bottles a day, spending time, energy and space to fill and cool them, only to give them away for free’, I thought, as we made our way out.

More questions ran through my mind:

‘What is the value of that little spark of joy in our CX? Is it profitable to give away a free bottle of water?’

As we stepped outside, we were surprised by a towel that was laid upon our scooter seat to keep it cool.

Wow, that’s amazing!

Even after we leave, they unexpectedly delight us with their service.

Is that why we eat there 2 or 3 times a week?

Take a minute to think about your business. What is your free bottle of cold water? How do you amaze your customers after they’ve paid and left?

It’s all those little sparks of joy combined, that sets aside the great from the good.

And being great is profitable.


Welcome to Inspiring CX Examples Episode #1

I hope you enjoyed this short example. I will be writing a weekly practical article on a product or service I come across that we can learn from.

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