A customer centric framework for the era of stakeholder capitalism

Ilenia Vidili discussed how customer centricity goes far beyond simply providing good experiences, as well as what makes a truly customer-centric business.

A customer centric framework for the era of stakeholder capitalism

Our MadeFor. Talks series continued with another very special guest: Ilenia Vidili who joined us with her talk on “A customer centric framework for the era of stakeholder capitalism”. 

Ilenia is passionate about customer centricity to say the least, possessing experience as an advisor, keynote speaker and even author, having published her book “Journey ToCentricity: A customer-centric framework for the era of stakeholder capitalism” just last year.

Having conducted corporate marketing for NEC, Bayer, ARM, and a broad range of start-ups, today Ilenia is the founder of a consultancy and training company helping businesses think differently, combat inefficient processes, turn product mentalities into people mentalities, and improve customer focus.

She’s been known to give enthusiastic global keynotes in multiple languages with the aim of helping others unlock the potential of embracing customer centricity, inspiring leaders and C-level executives of the likes of Coca Cola, L’Oreal, Savills, Harrods, and many more. Moreover, she contributes as an opinion columnist for the CEO WORLD and Entrepreneur Media magazines.

Her talk will focussed and reasoned upon:

-      Why customer centricity goes beyond providing positive customer experiences

-      The three pillars that make a customer-centric business: humanity, technology and a strong ompany culture

-      Why the leadership is the most important element in a successful customer-centric transformation

Ilenia sees it as her personal mission to assist companies to embrace a higher purpose, create value for all stakeholders, and contribute positively to society.

We hope you enjoy!

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