3 ways to use Emotion AI to Improve NPS

Adoreboard leverages emotion AI to analyse qualitative data and produce recommendations to improve customer experiences; used by executives for customer-centric brands such as Allstate, Healthscope, and Procter & Gamble.

3 ways to use Emotion AI to Improve NPS

If you missed our last MadeFor. Talk with Chris Johnston, CEO of Adoreboard, or if you would like to go back and watch it again you can do both here - https://youtu.be/2pXsvdnIdB0

Touching on the good and bad points of NPS, sentiment analysis, and the history of text analysis, Chris helped uncover the real value in understanding customer emotion at every touchpoint or interaction, and where a change of mindset and outlook towards this customer data CAN and WILL make a difference to the bottom line of all businesses.

This talk is packed full of engaging background information to get us up to speed with Emotion AI, which leads on to actionable insights so you get dig straight into your data, and processes to help make your customer's experiences better.

We hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more amazing guest speakers.

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