The business value of CX/UX in the Insurance industry

How a traditional industry such as insurance is innovating both customer and user experience, for internal stakeholders and clients.

The business value of CX/UX in the Insurance industry

In Emmets talk he spoke candidly about the project he was on at the time. It was with a Global Insurance brand that needed to address client onboarding and retention problems, which arose as a number of new brands entered the market with a deft understanding of digital, enabling them to provide better CX and therefore disrupt an industry that had lay unchallenged for many years.

Emmet puled back the curtain to discuss his work and processes in the following areas:

- Client Onboarding, from discovery methodologies to wireframe development - Balancing business metrics and deliverables with user centred design

- Global Website - How customer experience effects the strategies and features of a global website that integrates content strategy, distribution and regional needs of the clients through all stages of the sales funnel.

- The lessons learned from incorporating both the internal and external journeys of clients and internal stakeholders servicing the clients that leads to a better and progressive customer experience

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