Reimagined Experience: Same Vision

At MadeFor., we are entering 2023 with new propositions that bring about the biggest shift in strategy since our beginnings.

Reimagined Experience: Same Vision

Since our inception in 2019, the MadeFor. mission has primarily been to help global organisations learn to manage the outcome of every customer brand interaction. We achieve this through a vital focus on building the customer experience capabilities within their teams through developed learning experiences.

We have had great success with the set of immersive core bootcamps that we have been offering, as we take express care to tailor the problem and content to align with the unique internal challenges faced by each client. Through these bootcamps, we’ve been able to develop, upscale and transform the skill sets and careers of the hundreds who have participated in them.  

Throughout the years of working in collaboration with our clients, there has always been discussions in assisting them to develop their own custom learning experiences, whether to be used as internal L&D or commercial assets. Having witnessed this repeated interest from our clients, it became evident that there was an opportunity to provide more value to these existing and new relationships.

Keeping this firmly in mind, last year we set about the task of further developing our offering and bringing new propositions to the marketplace, in order to effectively continue our mission to develop, build and drive long-term skills and talent acquisition through comprehensive learning experiences.

The presence of skilled top talent lies at the very core of profitability and growth, and this shall likely be the case for the foreseeable future. Many believe that the skill gap is widening at their own organisation, and as skill shortages are becoming more apparent across a variety of industries, it may come as little surprise that talent development and acquisition is essential to the execution and success of high-quality business strategies.

And so, our goal to help companies close this ever-widening skills gap remains the same, but with an expanded selection of three services that offer different paths to success.

Learning Programs

Our comprehensive bootcamps offer an immersive and contextual learning program led by industry experts that can be tailored to your business’ own scenario, based on one of the core disciplines in our bootcamp portfolio: Service Design, Digital Product Management, CX Strategy, User Experience, and Customer Science.

Custom Learning Design

Additionally, we now offer the opportunity for MadeFor’s own proven learning methodology to be used to develop custom learning experiences designed for our clients. These bespoke learning capabilities allow us to help businesses to create and possess ownership of their own internal learning assets, intricately designed in a way that is tailored to their unique individual context and team capability requirements. Through expertise in learning design and experience design, we can deliver an effective learning experience with its participants at the centre.

Talent Academy

Finally, we recognise that a critical success factor in tackling the skills gap is possessing the capabilities to create your own talent. Therefore, we now offer the opportunity to help you define and develop your very own end-to-end talent academy. This allows the necessary teams, skills, and structures to be built to your specific needs, allowing you to successfully deliver your customer experience strategy.

With these new offerings, we hope to further build and promote a positive and beneficial learning culture for our clients and their teams, building the long-term skills and talent development that are of utmost necessity in our present day. If you would like to read our propositions in full and understand what MadeFor can provide for your business, you can do so by entering your email above.

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