What You Don't Know About Your Audience is Killing Your Marketing

During his talk, Rand showed us how understanding your audience's demographics, behaviours, and sources of influence are crucial to success.

What You Don't Know About Your Audience is Killing Your Marketing

By walking us through 3 case studies Rand showed us how using a combination of interviews, surveys, and audience research software, you can get high quality, invaluable data to solve a host of targeting and conversion problems.

Using 3 case studies Rand will show us how to find those hidden gems of data that can make the difference of success or failure.  

- Case Study #1 – We walked through a packaging design firm, learn about their customers attributes and context through surveys and interviews.

- Case Study #2 – See how Salsa Matcha, delicious, Mexican condiment have built a market through sources of influence in the food + recipes world.

- Case Study #3 – Rand will show us how Threatpost, a privacy advocate publication finds specific ways to amplify their brand and earn loyal subscribers/customers 

Rand's Talk was bursting with insight, real world data and results, we hope you enjoy.

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