Coach Essentials | CX Strategy Coach Charissa Shelton

There is so much information and resources out there, that it gets overwhelming and challenging to find the good stuff. Therefore, we asked our coaches on 'what are their essentials?' - tools, books, ideas - anything that keeps them being amazing at their work. This week we share CX Strategy coach, Charissa Shelton's curated essentials list.

Coach Essentials | CX Strategy Coach Charissa Shelton

Who are you?

Hi! I'm Charissa Shelton, CX Strategy coach of MadeFor and psychology nerd turned human-centric experience strategy consultant. Since 2014, I’ve advised 100+ executives and informed 90+ product and service initiatives in leadership, employee, and customer experience. People researcher and facilitator at heart. MBA from Queen’s University Belfast. Lover of long walks, getting lost exploring cities, and ‘a-ha’ moments.

Let me show you what my key essentials are to start delivering better customer experience.

Essential Research Method


You can learn so much about what really motivates and influences people’s decisions, not just what they say does.  

Useful sources:
1. Jobs to be done - A framework for Customer Needs
2. Open source website to find the best tool to start your JTBD work.

Essential Ideation Tool

Crazy 8s, and Google Design Sprints

Tried and true activities for rapid ideation, testing, and team alignment.

Essential Icebreaker

Personal Weather Check

Simple, lighthearted, and rapport-building activity using weather metaphors to describe how people are feeling, without being overly feely.

Essential Customer Journey Map

Outside In Maps

Generative ‘Outside In’ maps using THEIR ‘stages’ and their language, not imposing the standard customer stages on them. This can give much richer insight than capturing the internal or ‘Inside Out’ perspective.

Useful sources:

  1. 3 tips to build an outside-in customer journey map.

Key piece of learning

Rituals Roadmap

In the evolution of hybrid work, creating connection-centric cultures is more important than ever — with employees, customers, and other stakeholders. But connecting meaningfully can be challenging. Creating cadences or rituals of connection can help. Check out the books ‘Rituals Roadmap’ and ‘Firms of Endearment’ (a must read for the future of holistic experience design).

Key misconception in the industry

That experience design must be a huge research and design undertaking. No, not necessarily. Much can be learned from a few, well crafted conversations with real people having real experiences. Check out ‘Just Enough Research’ by Erika Hall.

Key piece of advice

Feeling pressure to get it just right? What if you gave yourself permission to just start? Take a step and learn from it.

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