Successful launch of our new bootcamps

We are so happy to announce that during April we tested and finalised our newest project – 3 new Micro Bootcamps. Taking deeper dives into the specific topics that you felt were crucial to your own work and context, has been a very rewarding journey, so we thank you for that.

Successful launch of our new bootcamps

While delivering our larger bootcamp content we could see that there were a few topics that were most pertinent. These elements of the bootcamps always drew a lot of extra attention, which was amazing as it showed that the cohort were already applying their new knowledge to their daily setting.  

Therefore, in the true spirit of Customer Centricity, we gave the customer what the customer wanted. We are now the very proud owners of 3 brand new, 1-day (6hr) micro bootcamps, each of which zeroes in on one of those topics.  

Barbara, the course designer:
“During the bootcamp you're presented with a range of methods and techniques that will help you navigate through your work more effectively, helping you to deliver value quicker and easier. And all in a hands-on matter! By learning in teams and in a contextual setting you can understand how the process/method/approach works and how it would lead to the right outcomes in your own context.”

What are the Micro-Bootcamps about?

The Micro Bootcamp format is a 1 x 6-hour online session led by an instructor in which we deep dive into critical topics, giving you instantly applicable outcomes.  

The 3 micros are:

> Structuring insights for action

Understand the dynamic between qualitative and quantitative research in customer research landscape. Learn how to excel in qualitative research and draw insights worth validating.

Our next bootcamp starts on May 20th, 2022 - more info >>

> Managing stakeholders and setting boundaries

Understanding stakeholder management can be critical to projects success. Strong supporters will help promote what we do, while those against us might block our path at every turn. By effectively communicating, setting clear boundaries and establishing common goals you will be able to deliver the right customer value.

Our next bootcamp starts on July 1st, 2022 - more info >>

> Segmenting customers for better outcomes

Customer segmentation is more than building personas. Having a good understanding of your customer needs and how you can deliver the most value to them as an organisation, requires effective segmentation methods and tools to empathise with your customer.

Our next bootcamp starts on June 10th, 2022 - more info >>

What is being said about the Micro-Bootcamps?


“The Managing Stakeholders and Setting Boundaries micro bootcamp was such a great way to learn various stakeholder engagement tips, tricks and techniques. I found it especially helpful to have the opportunity to take the learnings and work alongside inspirational CX professionals in smaller groups to apply these new skills from the perspective of different organisational functions. A fantastic way to spend the day, I left feeling energised and confident in my learnings!”


“The Segmenting Customers for Better Outcomes micro bootcamp was so fun and thought-provoking. Using a true-to-life case study, we dug into the person behind the surface persona to try and understand their motivations, their challenges, the choices they have, and what makes one choice preferred over all others. Adding the results of our discussions to the various internal and external factors to develop a final proposition was like working on a puzzle that results in different pictures depending on how the pieces are combined. There are many possible "right" answers and our goal are to find the one that we feel will be most resonant for our customers and supportive of our business.  

Still curious for more information about the Micro-Bootcamps? click here.

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