Realtime Personalised Video Experience with Tolga Sen

Let's celebrate great customer experience together (again)! We're back and we're introducing a series of new and inspiring speakers that share and reflect on their awesome CX contributions and projects.

Realtime Personalised Video Experience with Tolga Sen

In an 30-minute Lunch Talk, Tolga Sen from Omma, will talk about the development and future of video, one of the most important new generation communication methods by taking you on a journey with OMMAVQ, a dynamic, interactive and personalised video platform using today's latest video technology.

In this CX Celebration session Tolga's going to answer the following questions:

- What does the future of using video in external- and internal promotions look like?

- What are best practices in the field of organisations using OMMAVQ?

Ready to get inspired and learn more about effective use of video in your promotion efforts? Join!

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