Making better choices with Greenswapp

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Making better choices with Greenswapp

Although it requires a lot of research about accurate information and changing a part of one’s daily routine, living in a substantiable and eco-friendly lifestyle is something that has become a matter I deeply care about. When I find myself having to make a choice, knowing what’s right to do and what is the best eco-friendly option has never been so hard. And finding relevant facts among all the myths online is easier said than done.  

This is especially relevant when grocery shopping. A while ago, I started avoiding products covered in plastic as much as I could, prefer fresh and seasonal foods over processed ones and go for locally sourced products. But I still felt like it wasn’t enough to make a relevant change, nor was I informed enough about the best choices.

While cruising on Too Good To Go, a well-known app that lets you purchase perfectly good, surplus food from your local stores, I came across GreenSwapp. So, what is GreenSwapp about?

GreenSwapp is an online climate-impact-tracking grocery shopping app. In other words, you can buy groceries like on any other grocery shopping app, but the products come from local markets and shops (for now, it’s based in Amsterdam only). But that is not the main functionality, while adding the items to your cart, the app guides you on which products have a low, medium, or high impact and find climate-friendly alternatives.  

Basically, you don’t have to do anything specific, the app does everything for you by calculating the carbon footprint of each product! Once you’re done shopping, you can either pick up your groceries to yourself (for which you even receive a €1 discount) or they can get home delivered (€4.99 delivery costs for orders under €99).

And on top of that, as if it weren’t amazing enough, every time you make a purchase you invest in greenhouse gas reduction! A small percentage of your order is invested in projects like reforestation and renewable energy to go carbon neutral.  

What’s more, this is not for consumers only – companies as well can partner with GreenSwapp, which helps them to communicate their impact! The app helps with being transparent about the impact of the food served, and help companies’ customers make better decisions - whether they are a restaurant, caterer, food brand, retailer or wholesaler.

Here’s me doing my groceries on GreenSwapp, it has become a total non-guilty pleasure! I love how it makes me feel more conscious and informed on the choices I make in a daily task, such as grocery shopping. And while I keep discovering things I would have never expected, I also invest in projects that promote going carbon neutral!  

Did you know that buying fresh garlic or ready to eat avocados at the Amsterdam’s local market have a crazy climate impact? Well, if you didn’t... I’d recommend downloading GreenSwapp and checking out their lower-impact alternatives!

By Rosa.

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