If Google can add WhatsApp, so can you!

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If Google can add WhatsApp, so can you!

When I went to Google's Ad site to set up Google Ads, I was surprised.

You can reach out for their help via WhatsApp!

How cool is that!

It really is quite incredible. Think about it: with 135.000+ employees alone, how many customers do they have?


How do you organise all those conversations coming in?

How are they connecting their Whatsapp to their CRM?

How do you keep track of the status of all those conversations?

How many customers does one customer rep serve on average?

How do you test an increase of the customer lifetime value?

How do you even organise a roll out at that scale?

Are they testing this in Asia first?

Many questions. Very little answers.

But here's the thing:

They understand.

The better and easier they can help new customers be successful on their platform, the longer they will stay, and the more they will spend.

Which, ultimately, is why they exist.

When companies grow, they tend to bend the customer's communication channels to THEIR favours, not in favour of the customer.

Which, ultimately, is in no one's favour.

From a buggy live chats, to feedback forms that never get answered, to 'pick a time on our calendar'.


We will help you NOW on a channel that suits YOU best.


I was impressed by these simple little green buttons on this enormous site. It shows they have their ear on the pulse of the market.

Chapeau, Google.

Chapeau for creating a culture and system to let these ideas surface, and to recognise their value, even if its implementation isn't easy.

And if Google can do it, I'm sure you can too!

Good luck!

Ps. If this example made you want to explore the option, Futy has some amazing WhatsApp widgets.

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