GOJEK: Rewarding good choices with fireworks

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GOJEK: Rewarding good choices with fireworks

Gojek’s app launched in 2015, and since then they’ve racked up nearly 170 million users throughout Southeast Asia.

What started as a scooter taxi ride hailing call center, grew into a ‘Super App’ with over 20 different on-demand services. You can order a scooter taxi, a car mechanic, insurance, a massage, a hairdryer, and your breakfast - all within the same app. 

Speaking of, I just ordered my breakfast! Let's see how that goes..

Their UX is a breath of fresh air, and they experiment rapidly: every week I see tweaks in design and in how things work.

To me, they recently added their biggest UX win so far: a super festive order success animation.

Right after choosing your food and drinks, at the moment you click ‘order’, the screen shows you a big bomb of joy.

And every time, I feel like I’ve won something. 

The fun animation makes me feel good about myself.

I trust that I made the right decision. 

Here's what happens in my brain:

The positive gamified experience with full screen fireworks supports my post-purchase rationalisation, or choice-supportive bias.

I'm basically helped to feel good about my choice of ordering with them.

If I get rewarded for taking a desirable action, it helps me to reinforce my perception that I made the right choice.

In this case, I am happy I’ve ordered, and am not scared to do it again.

Conclusion: reward good choices with fireworks.

Ah, my breakfast is coming!

Maybe I use Gojek because their UX is so good.

Or maybe..

Because this breakfast is just.. delicious!

In your UX, what happens right after your customer made their transaction?

Right after the moment of purchasing, how does your customer feel?

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