Cooking pasta has never been so much fun.

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Cooking pasta has never been so much fun.

Waiting for pasta to be done while it is boiling in the pot is one of my least favourite activities when cooking. Sometimes I am too hungry and I end up just staring at the pasta impatiently, hoping time will go by faster. Other times, while chopping vegetables or when chatting with friends, I completely forget about it and it turns out to be overcooked.

Well, Barilla Group came up with a fantastic solution for people like me.  

Barilla managed to enter its customers’ daily lives by offering a creative and fun solution to overcooking pasta. The pasta brand started a collaboration with Spotify and launched “Playlist Timer”.  

Yes, you heard it right.

It is a set of 8 playlists made by Barilla, whose duration corresponds to the exact cooking time of Barilla’s different pasta shapes.

Barilla was already offering a wide range of pastas and sauces for all tastes, and now even for music! They continuously update the playlists with the most listened songs in Italy ranging from pop, hip hop, indie and great classics of the past(a).  

From the first second I landed on Spotify, I noticed how much the brand has eye for details by successfully combining cuisine, art and music. The playlists’ covers are handmade by Italian illustrators, with a careful selection of international and Italian hits and particular playlist titles such as “Moody Day Linguine” or “Timeless Emotion Fusilli”.

It amazes me how a Pasta brand such as Barilla managed to provide a service that I would have never thought I needed. And that, in my opinion, is what makes a brand great. Now, thanks to Barilla, I will never overcook pasta again.  

Hence, my question for you today is: how can you surprise your customers by fulfilling the needs they didn’t know to had?

By Rosa.

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