Complaint experience for customer and business value with Loretta Ranzijn

Let's celebrate great customer experience together (again)! We're back and we're introducing a series of new and inspiring speakers that share and reflect on their awesome CX contributions and projects.

Complaint experience for customer and business value with Loretta Ranzijn

In an 30-minute Lunch Talk, Loretta Ranzijn from Complaint Experience, will talk about complaint handling from a business and customer perspective. Do you think it's possible that you make an angry customer even angrier? It sure is! Do you want to know more about the effect of a complaining customer? Or do you find complaint handling a tough cookie to handle maybe with an upcoming process audit? Loretta will explain why and how companies can listen to complaining customers and what they could do to improve their relationship with the customer. Because, learning from complaints really is valuable for companies for continuous improvement, it's a process and known as 'the mother of all improvement potential'

In this CX Celebration session you're going to hear the highlights about Complaint Experience:

- What a complaint is, and why you should be happy with it?

- Why it's important to handle complaints in a manner way and to see it as marketing tool?

- Tips how to start spice up your own complaint process

Ready to get inspired and activated to improve your complaint handling process from customer perspective in just 20 minutes? Join!

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