I am totally new to the field and all of the bootcamp subjects you have on offer. Are MadeFor bootcamps still for me?

Absolutely. Our bootcamps are designed for everyone with an interest in exploring customer experience disciplines from a range of adjacent fields. If you are not sure which bootcamp will be the best match for your objectives, feel free to reach out and we will explore your options together.

Do I need to bring my own equipment to the face to face bootcamps?

No. Apart from your personal smartphone, we can provide all technological equipment for you on-site. However, if you do wish to BYO equipment we can support you. Your mobile phone enables you to keep contact more easily with your bootcamp peers and the MadeFor team.

What equipment do I need to join the online bootcamps?

The software and tools we use during the bootcamps will all be set up for you. The only equipment you need to bring is a computer with a video camera and microphone, and your personal smartphone.

What are the pre-requisites for the bootcamps?

Each bootcamp has various learning objectives, so the best approach is to review the bootcamp-specific FAQs published on each bootcamp page. As a rule of thumb, the main requirement is that you have professional proficiency in English. Other than that, all you need to have is the desire to learn, commitment, and an open mind.