Learning Experience

What is a bootcamp?

A bootcamp is a learning format designed to rapidly build capabilities and practical skills by combining experiential learning (‘learning by doing’) with expert lectures (‘learning by listening’) and discursive sessions (‘learning by debate’).  

This approach facilitates learning over shorter periods of time in a more effective way than more traditional learning approaches.

Immerse, Contextualise, Reflect 

Each bootcamp is structured into: 

  • Immersion in real-life business scenarios (c. 60% of all sessions).  This is where participants learn the core skills, processes, and knowledge required to be capable in a specific CX role.
  • Context (c. 20% of all sessions).  One of MadeFor’s goals is to enable customer teams to work together, and that means that every bootcamp includes sessions on how different CX roles can collaborate to deliver great results for the customer. This is critical in helping participants become effective in their roles once they get to work.
  • Reflection (c. 20% of total sessions). It is also important to understand why and how you do things, not just what you do.  To do this, each bootcamp has a number of reflection sessions that allows participants to take a step back and change their perspective. These sessions use thought-provoking content and group discussion to help ensure everyone connects the activities they are learning to do with the outcomes that they will need to achieve.

What does a flipped classroom approach mean?

The flipped classroom shifts instruction to a learner-centered model. In this model live sessions are used to explore topics in greater depth and to create meaningful learning opportunities as students are initially introduced to new topics in an e-learning environment. 

A coach’s interaction with learners in a flipped classroom is more personalized and less didactic, and learners are actively involved in knowledge acquisition and construction as they participate in and evaluate their own learning.

MadeFor bootcamps are simulation-led. What does that mean?

From the first day of each bootcamp, participants will be part of a team with their bootcamp colleagues. This team is based with a fictional retailer with a detailed business context, rich data sets, and demanding customers.

Each bootcamp is built around a flow which leads learners from understanding a problem to providing a solution. But, just like in the real world, things change quickly and the path to success is never straightforward! 

This approach helps participants develop problem-solving skills, critical thinking, self-management, and flexibility, and enables them to see the outcome of their work to build confidence and experience. 

How will I be evaluated?

For successful completion of each bootcamp, we expect an 80% completion and attendance rate. You are responsible for your career and development, so there will be no tests at the end; however, there will be a final assignment and evaluation on your work with your fellow bootcampers.

Who I will be learning with?

You will learn alongside passionate professionals who are keen to learn new ways of doing CX and are committed to continuous personal development. Just as yourself. Your learning team will be no bigger than 20 people, facilitating a more tailored experience that ensures your learning objectives are met.