Who are the coaches?

Our coaches are senior experts from a variety of industries. Each coach brings vast experience to the bootcamp which is then adapted to an immersive learning experience. As a learning organisation, we take our own development very seriously and the full MadeFor team follows regular upskilling programs to deliver the highest standard of work possible. You can find our coaches on all dedicated bootcamp pages and our team page.

How much time am I expected to invest in my bootcamp every week?

Depending on the bootcamp and person, the time spent can vary. We estimate an average of 5-7 hours of investment per week. This includes the 4-hour weekly session, e-learning, and homework. Our learners are hard workers and need to be able to dedicate extra time to their development outside of the session each week. When doing so, you will be rewarded with an upgraded skillset that you can immediately apply to your daily life!

Do you offer free learning?

Yes! You can join free sessions to work on your customer experience skills, get to know the MadeFor team, and experience our approach to learning. In addition to this, you have an opportunity to apply for funding. You can find more information here.

How do you learn at MadeFor?

In our MadeFor bootcamps participants are challenged to question common ways of thinking and working, and are guided to try new approaches by themselves immediately. This is the foundation of establishing a new level of contextual problem solving-skills.

A bootcamp is a learning format designed to rapidly build capabilities and practical skills by combining experiential learning (‘learning by doing’) with expert lectures (‘learning by listening’) and discursive sessions (‘learning by debate’).  

This approach facilitates learning over shorter periods of time in a more effective way than traditional learning approaches.

MadeFor offers 3 learning formats: 

  • 32h live session bootcamp delivered in 8 x 4h sessions, with one session held per week. For this bootcamp a learner should estimate 1-3 hours of extra engagement in an e-learning environment. 
  • 16h live session bootcamp delivered in 4 x 4h sessions, with one session held per week. For this bootcamp a learner should estimate 2-3 hours of extra engagement in an e-learning environment.
  • 1h live session – free taster sessions, delivered on selected dates. These sessions always include learning of a key concept, a valuable download, and an introduction to the MadeFor learning approach and bootcamp topic. 

Learn more about our learning approach here.

Why is learning about Service Design relevant today?

Why is learning about Customer Science relevant today?

Why is learning about the Customer Function relevant today?

Why is learning about CX Fundamentals relevant today?

All brands are struggling to keep up with rapidly changing customer expectations and the channels in which they communicate and shop. Research makes it clear that building professional, integrated customer experience is the single most important action that a brand can take to becoming more customer centric, and more effective at engaging and selling to customers. Considering this, true customer experience professionals are rare and highly demanded in a job market.

Why is learning about Customer Journey Management relevant today?

What do I need to get my UX bootcamp certification?

To successfully achieve the learning objectives of the UX bootcamps and grow your capability, your preparation, attendance and collaboration is crucial. Therefore, we're requiring a minimal 80% of all live sessions attended and a 100% e-learning completion rate.

Why is learning to structure data for action relevant today?

It is a prime time for customer research. The better you can navigate the data, the more likely you will be able to understand your customer and therefore serve them better. However, as there is so MUCH data, it becomes difficult to understand what data delivers actionable insight, and which data is simply noise. By learning to critically evaluate the right research methods for the right questions, you will gain an instant competitive advantage.