What is MadeFor?

MadeFor provides learning experiences that help individuals and teams grow and stay competitive in a rapidly-changing digital world. MadeFor is part of The Customer Bureau, an international group of startups, all focused on helping iconic brands become customer centric. 

MadeFor is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and we operate globally.

Why MadeFor?

For years, brands have been struggling to unite marketing, sales, and service to deliver a truly effective customer experience. Based on 20 years of research and learning with some of the world’s best brands, MadeFor provides next-generation management science and learning for customer experience teams. We come from many backgrounds and share a common and deep interest in customer experience. Our expert team is working with a broad network of industry experts to design and share the most effective way to do customer experience.

Why Customer Experience?

In today’s connected world, advances in technology mean that consumers have more information, more choice, and more power than ever before.  However, the way that brands are managing their customer experience is inconsistent and inefficient.